… and a bit more about food at burning man.

burners around the camp

food is important. at burning man, food is even more important. it’s really easy to burn out and you need to replenish on energy. i find that i don’t need to eat more on the playa, so a basic healthy – and easy to create – meals work the best. here is a sample menu i borrowed from boreal canoe & camping weekend. remember that food items that need refrigeration must be stored in coolers in a shaded area, and that someone has to do an ice run once a day. a shared tri-cycle for a camp is a fantastic way to get the ice to you. always make it yours.



  • garden salad
  • Italian pasta with cheese
  • rice pasta option available



  • scrambled eggs
  • re fried beans
  • fried potatoes
  • corn chips
  • salsa



  • garden salad
  • coconut, pineapple, vegetable Currie stir fry



  • yogurt
  • granola
  • fruit salad