Body Light by House of Dust

BODY LIGHT BY HOUSE OF DUST - SAT, APR 18th, 2015Body Light by House of Dust

Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 @ Bassline Music Bar

Body Light is a sexy blacklight body painting party and one of ten locations for Kaleidoscope.

For one night, House of Dust will transform Bassline Music Bar into a Blacklight Fantasy Tunnel, filled with live creatures glowing and moving to the beat of the drum. Translucent liquids will merge with humanoids and aliens, as we all come together on a trip of sensual ecstasy. Whoa!

We’d like to invite you to pARTicipate and take an active roles in this event. Whether you’d like to surrender your body to the magic of the brush or strike an impression, come and be a part of our ever growing super friendly crew, or just dance the night away – we welcome you 🙂

How to pARTicipate?

  • I’m a Model/Dancer – Paint me!
  • I am an artist, give me a brush!
  • I’m a giver. Bringing gifts!
  • I’d like to join the house of Dust Crew!
  • Just wanna dance!

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Dress Code?

Express yourself, baby! Body Light is all about self-expression. Let your creative energies flow and make your outfit whichever way you like. You’ll notice almost everyone is in some sort of colourful costume – the House of Dust style!

Can Anyone Be Painted?

Oh Yes. One of the talented artists of the night will be happy to do you 🙂


What about Gifting?

Our culture include gifting. Someone may hand you something special. It’s a gift. Take it, and don’t worry about paying or exchanging anything for it. You can bring something to give, too!

So what is a gift? A gift can be anything, it is a way for you to share with the others. The best gifts are unique and made by hand with love. People love gifting small items they can carry. For example, necklaces, mini art pieces, hand written letters or instructions of sorts, and of course, there’s always dark chocolate…


What’s the deal with the Blinkies?

We love to decorate ourselves with LEDs! It’s really cooool when you’re having a greaaaaaaat time, and on the Playa, LEDs serve as safety measures (so you don’t get run over – for reals). So get em and wear em! Bike lights, LED fingers from Dolarama, or Etsy items all work. Gifting Blinkies works, too!

What is the Cover Charge?

The Kaleidoscope has a set price of twenty dollars and early birds are ten, while last. Each tickets gives you a wristband with full access to any of the ten venues participating. 100% of the proceeds go to the BurnT Art Fund, to use as art grants for events such as Mooseman, Burning Man, etc.


Do I need a Ticket if I’m Volunteering?

House of Dust Crew (names posted on the event wall) do not need a ticket for the Body Light party. They do, however, need a ticket to access any of the other venues. It’s all goes to funding art, so we encourage you to get a ticket and make your contribution either way.

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