calm down. and read it again.

the playa provides.

i was a newbie just a day or two ago, and here is what i’ve learned (or taught):

calm down. do the work. read the instructions. there are many resources available. stop before you hit facebook one more time, and another, and another. the answer is already there. you need to find it. it’s part of the game.

when curly and i went down the first time, we did a very basic research. there was not much on youtube, and text or friends stories provide only so much info. but you know what? we got to live the experience in full. we did brilliantly. nice and simple. we managed, we overcame, we went and we came back together as one.

my dear newbies: give yourselves a chance to shine. stop asking so many questions. there won’t be a test. this is the test. you are being tested, right now. get it?

so get off facebook. get off the keyboard. lets get real. if you’re gonna ask a question a second, you won’t learn anything. you won’t get it. just calm down, and read. it’s all there for you, waiting for you to discover.

the playa is ready for you. the real question is, are you ready for the playa…