eating well at burning man takes a group effort

eating well at burning man takes a group effort

this is the second article about burning man and food, the first was no camp kitchen! where we admit we hate kitchen duties therefore we’re not into planned meals that suck away an entire day out of your experience. instead, those from the camp who are interested in, and around for dinner, bring yer food and plates to the prep kitchen area before sunset, prepare your food then share and eat together with fellow hod’s. dinner is time of magic, food and relaxation lead to smiles and beautiful conversations, and the prepare and energize us for the night coming upon us.

so how to eat well without a kitchen? this becomes even more complex and difficult if you’re not driving to burning man, or if you’re flying in and limited with the amount of equipment you have to carry. not to worry, burning man teaches us to think creatively and find solution to living on the playa. we know that kitchen items are heavy, cumbersome, messy and nearly impossible for one person to carry in and out of the playa. that situation makes individuals wanting to have a hot meal and/or having variety of food during your stay… nearly impossible. imagine the effort required for one or two people to prepare, purchase, carry and operate a field kitchen, even with a coleman stove and some basics it’s a lot of work and weight.

what we`re going to do to solve this by coming into small groups of 3-6 people. each group should make its own meal planning, split the kitchen equipment and food purchasing between the group members, and bring it all together on the playa. everyone combine their bills then average the expenses and sort it out. you should set expectation and a budget.

always try to bring extra of everything for sharing.


team “purple dust haze”

person 1 – coleman stove, gas cannisters, large sharp knifes and chopping boars, 4 chairs with cushions or sofa/bench

person 2 – pots and pans (several), buckets, large coffee pot, dark coffee, raw sugar, dried milk, whole wheat pasta, organic pasta sauce, large spoons, olive oil, 4 chairs with cushions or sofa/bench

person 3 – kitchen cleaning supplies, 50 tomatoes, 50 cucumbers, 30 onions, 50 limes, 30 lemons, 15 jalapeños, 20 bags of corn chips – make fresh salsa and salads daily!

person 4 – 10kg (22Lbs) oranges, Gatorade crystals, chocolates, copious amounts of dried fruits, nuts and dates – best desert nutrition & can carry with you. bring some for the others, too.

person 5 – 100 eggs, whole wheat breads, gluten-free and rice-based goods, whole earth spreads, various vegeterian patties, 20 tofu packets (to mix into salads)

person 6 – salted various mixed nuts, rice, beans, spices, additional vegetables,  30 cliff bars (put a couple in your day bags!), 30 protein bars (great for gifting a hungry soul), 4 chairs with cushions or sofa/bench


you may have a better burning man experience without:

  • junk food, processed food
  • alcohol
  • soda, pop, sugary drinks
  • energy drinks


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So get organized with your team-mates. create your own menu. make your own lists. bring a surprise to share.

see you at the dinner table!