getting in “playa shape”

burnering man dancers

ok everyone listen up! getting in burning-man-shape is not simple task, and with less then 3 months left, it’s time to get your bodies and mindset ready for the desert.


let’s first talk about what “getting in burning man shape” means:

– you’re on the road for several days, you may be tired, irritated, not eating your regular foods, hot, cold, etc
– you’re spending a significant of time in a harsh climate / environment
– you should be able to carry a backpack full with water and supplies for many hours at a time, without rest
– you need to maintain your composure, have fun, think, interact, help others, pARTicipate, build and take down your camp


so how to get ready?

– eat a healthy diet every day and every meal
– get used to carrying and constantly drinking water
– carry around a backpack filled with water and bare essentials, just like you would on the playa
– get all your bag stuff sorted neatly in zip locks, use them on a daily basis
– be self-sufficient. take care of your self. get up early. have breakfast. keep your environment clean and MOOP-LESS.
– cycle everywhere, while carrying your backpack
– stop smoking!
– go dancing


review the following:

read burners guide to leaving no trace

sign up to jack rabbit speaks newsletter

reach out connect with burners


do you have advise or tips on how to get ready to burning man? please post in the comments! thank you.


“think like a burner, everyday”