Pablo Raketa & Tonaight are two young German artists who will be playing Universal Love on March 8, 20013 together with Spazzmonk, Zoomeister and K-DUST. In Germany, they play festivals and large clubs, in Canada they will be performing at the new Cabal on 782 King Street West. Come by, the show is free. For more info, click here.

Introduce yourself please. How did you become a DJ and choose this name?

Hey, I’m Philipp. 26 Years old from Leipzig, Germany.
I have always been interested in music. When I was younger i learned to play the guitar and became member of a punkrock band. My uncle, who is a DJ as well, inspired me to start djing later on. The story on how I got my DJ name is actually quite funny. A guy came to me in the club asking for my name. I told him my real name and he was like “no, a name like this does not exist”. So I told him that he was right and my name was Pablo Raketa and he was totally excited about how cool my name is, so I kept it as a DJ name.

Hey, I’m Tobias. 25 years old from Berlin, Germany.
About 12 years ago I started listening to all electronic music including trance and techno. Names like Tiesto or Richie Hawtin were on my playlist. Later I got influenced a lot by the berlin techno sound and started to mix my own compilations – just for myself. More and more I got into how to mix and finally I started DJing with a computer based vinyl system. My Name? Tonaight is just a wordplay of “tonight”, gigs happening usually at night 😉 and the short term “aight” all right?! So Tonight – all right? By the way, next to my solo project I also run a DJ duo called “Bee Haze”. Juicy Techno meets House.

Where and what sound do you play?

In Germany i have a second project with my friend Andy called BassRaketen. We’re playing every weekend mostly in clubs in middle Germany and in the summer we’re playing at a lot of Festivals. The sound of BassRaketen can be described as FutureBass. This means the newest from Electro, Dubstep and Glitch Hop. As Pablo Raketa i play also Electro&Dubstep but i like to mix some deephouse and minimaltechno music as well.

What do I play? A mixture of deep house, techno and sometimes there is a slow groove hip hop track in between. When I started DJing about five years ago, I just played in smaller clubs of my hometown. But right now I get several bookings a month in Germany and
last year I had the chance to travel Asia and played in India, Thailand and Hong Kong. Later in 2012 I held a residency in an indian techno club in Hyderabad. This was the best experience I had so far. Playing out the deep tech house stuff from Berlin on the other side of the globe.

What’s your first impression of Canada?

My first impression of Canada is pretty good. Everyone we met so far was friendly and really willing to help. Even got a free bus ride from the airport, yay!

So far I cant tell much about Canada. We just arrived two days ago. I just heard it is one of the techno / house capitals in America and they still keep it underground. Sounds definitely interesting and perfect for our upcoming show in Toronto this Friday!

Any funny Dj stories so far?

Once I did stage diving at SMS Festival last year, I lost my phone somewhere in between the 5000 people. Finally a cool guy found it and somehow brought it back to us on the stage. I love fans who are honest! He made my night.

Last NYE I played a show in Warsaw, Poland and the warmup DJ playing before me just finished his set and instantly puked under the DJ booth. There was a perfect smell for my 2hr set… Don’t drink (much) and drive / work! 😉

What are your plans for the near future. Any Productions planned?

To be honest, right now there is no release planned with Pablo Raketa. But as BassRaketen we gonna release our first EP really soon. Sorry can’t talk more about. I just can say that it will be a huuuughe electro release with great remixes! Stay tuned.
But next to the BassRaketen project I’m also working on my own production skills together with Tonaight.

Right now I’m getting some skills in woking with Ableton and other components. But as you know, don’t release anything before it’s really finished. I did several edits, remixed, reworks for myself to keep my DJ sets unique. Maybe there are is some stuff coming out in 2013. I will keep you posted 😉 Other plans for this year are to play at some festivals in Germany and Europe.

UNIVERSAL LOVE, March 8, 2013