Rage in the BM Machine

the man is a spectacle, nothing more

I hope I’m not breaking any rules here, and with the first sign of letter from a lawyer I’ll know I have, but here are some qoutes from the Burning Man group on facebook. These samples (there are many more) show me I’m  not the only freak that is concerned about the loss of playa culture, they, too, are freaks like me:

Dear all newbies. Maybe you didn’t read the memo.
1. The playa is not your ashtray. If you smoke, you have to pack out ALL your used butts. Yes, really. Bring a tin box.
2. Do not put wipes, multiply TP, or used “feminine hygiene products” in the port-a-potties. No, really. Bring a ziplock, and pack it out.
3. No, Officer Undercover, we do not have any drugs. Good bye.
4. When the temple burns, SHUT THE FUCK UP. And turn off your fucking music too. Yes, really. Or else.


Paige Lawrence

Dear Dude who is clearly still Decompressing & taking it out on the internet by posting shit that not only sounds snotty but ignores the fact that everyone KNOWS the rules, they just don’t care: HEAD’s UP: No one gives a shit anymore: they don’t have to; Burning Man is so big now that a truck or a volunteer or someone ELSE is guaranteed to clean up after us all and we know it. The days of radical self-reliance disappeared years ago. Further, even if we all mooped for 2 hours a piece, trash appears 100 miles north of BRC in the desert every year….months from now. We suck, all of us. Burning Man is about the least green event in North America, I mean maybe there’s NASCAR but we burn the same amount of fuel, maybe more….

Quoting 3-4 of the most obvious rules from your shiny new “survival guide” won’t change a damn thing. Except out you as a 


We’ve been so sad about the idea of the playa not being a place where girls can be safe from rape. We have come up with a concept we want to score up a bunch of those date rape straws and have Camp Rufee Straw! So you not only carry your own cup, but your own protection too!


Did anyone else notice the rise in the population of ‘Dark Tards’? (idiots walking or riding around with NO lights whatsoever.)