the value of friendships

i met the guys exactly 51 weeks ago. first it was richard, we knew of each other somehow and finally got to meet in person on the deck of Christina, the massive boat/artcar that is part of our camp PlayaSkool. even though i’m not camping at PlayaSkool, as richard says, “it is a membership for life”. but its not a membership, its a mutual commitment of respect and appreciation. it’s an opportunity to extend a relationship to a become meaningful and personal, and we’re there.

sean was also in playaskool last year, i’m not sure where this came from, but i just walked to him with my camera running on video and said “how did burning man change your life?” and he answered: “it made me the man who i am today. ” just like that. and that’s all it takes. from then it was family. dinners in various places, countries and soon, continents. stories shared. history created. things got done. work, personal, family matters, you name it, on the table, no judging, no competition, no bs. we’re good.

i wish everyone friends like those i was awarded with. family can be great, but they can be far, remote, unavailable or gone. true friends are there for you, and you are for them. they accept you and you accept them. you share, learn, laugh.

so this year, get down to the playa and make a friend. for life.

thank you all those incredible people i’ve met along the way who showed me the beauty of this existence. see you in the dust.