what the hell are yurts?

Hexayurts at Burning Man 2010

Hexayurts at Burning Man 2010. photo credit www.appropedia.org (click to link)

after tenting it one year and RVing the next – both solutions that i did not like – i remembers those spacey looking weird named “yurts“. what the hell is this word anyway? it doesn’t matter. the yurts seem to be the ultimate solution for burning man, as well as temporary residences for variety of uses. they can be fitted with lights, solar swamp coolers and nice rugs…. pretty swanky!

pros for yurts:

  • insulating from the heat and freezing cold
  • large enough for several people and their gear
  • light & transportable
  • inexpensive – estimate $600 per yurt
  • re-useable, will last years

cons for yurts:

  • they have a nasty name
  • they need to be transported and stored (vs tent)
  • there is a cost of getting and storing one

for 2012 House of Dust will try and “manufacture” and transport yurts from current civilization to the playa and then to a storage facility in nevada or california. those who are interested in sharing a yurt should group in teams of 3-4 for the creation and transport of the yurts. otherwise we are looking into making some yurts at a central facility, likely in brooklyn ny, and shipping them down from there – this will be an incredible solution for those coming from afar.

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