XPANSION 2017: Sedona Magic School

XPANSION 2017: Sedona Magic School

XPANSION Gathering May 12-15 2017

Sedona Magic School


XPANSION is a roving communal weekend gathering set in nature. We come together as a group to laugh, enjoy, learn, release and heal ourselves and each other.

We eat beautiful vegan foods all weekend. We make our own meals and dine together.

We create a temple and grace it with our blessings. We build a wicker man. On Burn Night, we dress in white, hold a sacred ceremony at the temple, then proceed to the wicker man, set our intentions and burn it.

We let go and dance around the fire all night long. We drink smoothies in the morning. We teach, learn and evolve. We make a friend. We are family of love.

We create together.

The Three Positives - A Simple Way for Peaceful Living


The Three Positives

XPANSION is set around The Three Positives.

The Three Positives are simple principles to live by, promoting inner peace and healthy, joyful living 🙂

  • Love Yourself
  • Love the People
  • Love the Planet


Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a magical place. Imagine the energy inside an intentional community of healers, shamans and magicians, supporting thousands of seekers looking for spiritual healing. All this vibration comes together to stimulate frequencies that vibrate together with you in complete harmony. You can experience this energy right now by simply gazing at the picture above (or below) and letting go.


Sedona-Healing.com Sedona Vortex The Burning Bush

The Vortex

People from all over the world come to experience the Vortexes, secret desert points holding ancient mystical powers. The tourists are handed maps with Vortex co-ordinations. So here’s a little secret: the entire place is a vortex. All you have to do is take a deep breath and let the energy find you. Stare into the picture above, step into the vortex and breath into your greatness.



The Love Revolution

Ralph Smart talks real about why the world is in a state of war, what’s happening with global awakening, love to all living things, eating live foods, juicing, cleansing, detoxifying, food is medicine, and all life is precious Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Focus on Love.


The Road Ahead

Sedona Desert Healing Road

The future is wide open. The future is now. Now is the moment of breathing in, releasing out, and stepping into the vortex. Breathe in and let go, you are infinite, baby!



Advanced tickets $300 (available now to Jan 15, 2017)



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