XPANSION: All You Need To Know

The Three Positives - by House of Dust



Xpansion is a “micro-burn”; a tiny festival; a gathering; a circle of friends old and new; a group of people coming together to spend a weekend in nature and enjoy camping, swimming (water will be cold!), dancing and playing.

Here are the initial event details; expect things to change fluidly, as people come forward offering their skills and talents in helping create this experience.

To pARTicipate, scroll to the bottom of this page for the signup form!



XPANSION Environmental Statement


XPANSION Environmental ideal can be summed as




Earth Positive is a state of mind. It’s the understanding that all of our thoughts and actions create an energetic enviromental impact on the entire cosmos.

Energy is finite. It is never lost. It simply changes forms. When we consume, we change the energetic makeup of what we consumer and replace it with another. What does it do to your immediate and farther environment? Meditate on that for a minute.

Ethical living is a state of mind. Ethical living means understanding the impact of your actions on you, me and us. Ethical living means loving all living creatures alive & free in nature. We reject using living beings for profit, entertainment and blind consumption.




“We Leave a Place Better Than We Found It”




XPANSION Enviro Camping

We set our intention on leaving our weekend home in an improved state than inwhich we found it. 


A Complete Ban on

All Plastic & Glass Bottles.


No Plastic Bottles. Leave those at the store. Bring reusable metal bottles and camping mess kit. No Glass. Plastic bottles and glass dilute our essence.

Free municipal water on property. Fill up as much as you like.

Bring what you need, leave the rest behind. Be mindful about packaging, excess consumption and creation of waste.

Bring your own plate and utensils. Bring a good quality aluminum mess kit. It will last you a lifetime. Bring a good quality metal water bottle. Bring proper camping gear, rain gear, bug remedies – naturals are best!


Leaders, Healers, Teachers

& Facilitators Signup

Calling all spiritual leaders, healers, energy workers, reiki masters and yoga teachers:

On both Saturday and Sunday we will have plenty of time for you to share your love with a group, large or small. Use the form below to give us your suggestions for the event.



Schedule & Activities

tentative & changeable

Scroll to the bottom of this page to participate in any of these 




Arrival, camp set up

Temple build – bring items & decor offering for temple

Communal areas build

Cabin decor (crews w cabins)

Brunch Share

Afternoon meet & greet by the beach, conscious cocktails

Sunset Communal Grill




Morning Yoga

Children activities, children blessing

Learnings: conscious talking circle / sharing / workshops

Art Making – for the burn and to keep – bring your own supplies

Afternoon group mingle by the beach – conscious cocktails & vegan snacks

All-out vegan bbq – bring foods to share, the cooks will prepare

Sunset Circle

The Burn – drumming, dancing, fire




Morning Yoga

Children activities

Learnings: conscious talking circle / sharing / workshops

Sunday high tea

all-out vegan bbq – bring foods to share, the cooks will prepare

during dinner: talent show / open mic




Leave early, breakfast in Huntsville, Swim in Port Sydney (right off the highway)


Lead Roles Available

Use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up


Gate & Safety – in charge of gate, tickets, parking and all safety aspects of the weekend. Works with the burn team to ensure everything goes safe & smoothly. Ensures all pathways have LED lights at night.

Temple Crew – Assembles the Temple Crew and leads the communal efforts of building the temple (it’s really easy, takes 20min), decorating, maintaining and folding. Temple is used for gatherings, workshops, and meditation, and always available to all.  Temple Crew will lead the burn ceremony on Sat night.

Art & Burn – Assembles and Art & Burn Crew and co-ordinates all art work and artists, both day and night time (LED) art. In charge of leading the communal efforts of lighting our grounds with LEDs and torches.

Healers & Yoga – Co-ordinates and schedules healers, teachers,  energy workers and spiritual advisors. Creates and coordinates conscious activities, circles, workshops, meditations, yoga, reiki, etc.

Music – in charge of sound and music all weekend.

Children Activities – create lovely day time activities for participating families.

Conscious Cocktails – creates (with their team) beautiful vegan cocktails. Cocktails are natural and alcohol-free. Members who wish to add alcohol to their cocktails are welcome to do so at will. Three servings: Fri, Sat and Sun late afternoons.

Delights – Co-ordinates and provides vegan delights to the participants throughout the event. Three Servings: Fri, Sat and Sun together w conscious cocktails. This is a role for someone who is experienced with preparing and serving food.

BBQ Master – you got it! this is a crucial role 🙂 Take charge of the BBQ and help streamline all the beautiful veggies awaiting to be grilled.

Sunday Brunch – Co-ordinates the Sunday Brunch.

Coffee & Tea Tent – setup, maintain and take down a tea and coffee tent.




Offerings & Sharing


One of the most important aspects of XPANSION is to allow participants to share their gifts. What offerings shall you bring with you to this burn? What would you like to share? These may take any shape or form. You can share a moment or a meal,  you can offer advice or place a personal item at the temple. Some bring gifts. Some make art. You can lead a children activity, or adult group activity. Perhaps you are good with the grill and wold like to take the helm during the evening BBQ? Who would like to make beautiful vegan treats and pass them around at sunset?

Whatever your contribution may be, it is welcome.  We have a long list of “Wanted”, please sign up, and add your own!



Event Capacity & Tickets


Our group size will be about 50 and the site is generous in size. We love the idea of having space around, nature to enjoy, conversations to have, and ample room to express yourself freely and without constraints. Room to move is room to grow.

Ticket price will include the event and camping. A very limited number of Art Cabins and parking spots will be made available at additional cost. Ticket price will reflect the overall estimated group costs, which we intend on keeping at minimum.



Tent Camping


Eight camp sites are available in total.

We will have a sign-up form for each camp site, so you can camp with your friends, or make new ones!

Each camp site makes a camp offering to the community, for example, delivering afternoon conscious cocktail hour, arranging one of the group meals, making a communal art piece, creating an experience, teaching, sharing – anything you like!


Art Cabins


Six in total.

Four cabins fit four, Two cabins fit three.

The have a kitchen.

We are going to ART the CABINS.

Each of the 6 cabin groups will make their cabin into an Art Cabin.

Each of the 6 groups create an offering to the community.

Similar to other burns we’ve attended, the Art Cabins will be offered to groups who commit to make the cabins into a special communal offering.

The cost of the Art Cabin is $188 for the three-person and $248 for the four-person. Price is per cabin for the weekend for all three or four that share the cabins.



Bus & Car Passes


A bus service will be available if we can find one at a reasonable price. We will know within a couple of weeks. Reasonable to us means $30 or less pp there and back.

There are a only handful of parking spots available within the property. We will issue car passes at a cost. The pass price will go up if we do get a bus, to encourage everyone to join the bus.


Gate & Security


We will have security on site for Friday and Saturday nights.

Gate team is needed for:

Friday 12-6pm (2 x 12-3, 2 x 3-6)

Sat 12-4 (2 x 12-2, 2 x 2-4)

Map of property & walkies needed.



Yes! I’d like to pARTicipate in XPANSION:

Fill this form and we will email you a ticket link 24 hours prior to public ticket access.




XPANSION on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/235418853471601/

House of Dust: https://www.facebook.com/houseofdustburns/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/house-of-dust

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