XPANSION on Drugs, Drinking, Smoking & Meat Eating

XPANSION 2016 Burks Falls Ontario

XPANSION statement on drugs, drinking & smoking and consumption of animal-based and processed foods.

Wondering What to Expect? Read This!


Hello everyone 🙂

The House of Dust crew is super excited to have everyone onboard for a beautiful, healthy and super fun weekend for all of us.

We’re often asked about “your policies” regarding smoking, drinking and eating meat at XPANSION.

So here’s the deal: XPANSION is a conscious gathering based on The Three Positives:

The Three Positives - by House of Dust


The Three Positives simply acknowledge that we love the earth, our community and our-selves.

With every action that you do, ask yourself this:


“By consuming this [cigarette-drink-meat]

Do I love myself?

Do I love my people?

Do I love the Earth?”

Be HONEST with yourself.

Then act according to your conscious.


Need options? Here are some:

Smokers: you have some Earth friendly options, such as Organic Natural tobacco with rolling papers.

Drinkers you may find ethical producers of various beverages.

Meat eaters the alternative to meat is plant-based foods, consumption of living beings is just that.


Here’s another perspective on the same matter, offered by Teal Swan:


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House of Dust