XPANSION: North Burn 2016

XPANSION: North Burn. June 10-12 2016. Burks Falls ON.

XPANSION: North Burn 2016



Earth Positive

People Positive

Self Positive


House of Dust family invites you to pARTicipate in a magical three-day journey of love, laughter, sun and healing.

We’re setting the intention for a community to come together as one. To create, share, dance, eat and enjoy together. To get to know one another on a deeper level. To laugh, to cry, to release, to heal and to open up to a wonderful summer coming.

This is a “Micro-Burn”; an Open Format experiment in community and relationship building. A safe place to come and share your artistic gifts with the others. An environment enabling to work in small groups. A place to create, and burn.


The Three Positives

The Three Positives - by House of Dust


We live in times of fragmented realities and disconnected social structures. Long gone are the days where humans would communicate face-to-face for all or most of their information needs. Today, we have access to the entire human knowledge in the palm of our hands, yet we communicate less and less person to person. We have become locked in a vortex of this certain reality, and we give in to our most basic human needs; to love, to share, and to deeply with our selves and the others.

The Three Positives are nothing but a simple reminder of the beauty that is available to us now and forever, fully abundant without limitations or conditions:


Love of mother: Earth Positive

Love for fellow human beings: People Positive

Love of your inner child: Self Positive



What is a Burn?

A Burn, as we call it, is a gathering that encompasses an effigy burn. The effigy can take any shape, for example, the wicker man. The ritual is traced back to Pagan times and has likely been around as long as humans have danced around the fire.

Load into the effigy whatever symbolizes of which you want to let go, and see it release at burn time. Let the compressed stress out of your chest and the burden off your shoulders. Open and make room for soothing feelings of warmth and love.

Bring the items you want burnt with you. It may be a letter to your future self, a photo of a loved one, an art piece, a wedding dress… whatever needs to go.

The Burn happens Saturday at sunset.


The Burn Team

The effigy is designed and built from scratch by the burn team. There are no artistic nor creative limitations put on the team and it is free to create whatever it finds right. The only constraint is, of course, safety (burning too close or too hot, wind, dry season, not enough fire extinguishers, etc).

The burn team is made completely of participants, as all teams are. Our community executes all that we do and create, we need no outside help.

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